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Rural Development

Rústica is located in a rural area working towards sustainable development, educating and highlighting natural features and the ethnographic heritage of our environment. We work to prevent the progressive abandonment and consequent deterioration of villages by designing projects for local authorities, schools, associations, tourist facilities, etc.

At Rústica, we create and implement your project and perform subsequent monitoring for maintenance.

To request a quote send us a form telling us of the project you require and we will send you a proposal.

Proyectos de recuperación de zonas rurales

Projects for the Rural Sustainability

We have the following projects, programmes and activities for rural sustainability:

Projects for the Creation of Gardens
Projects for Recovery of Traditional Gardens
Programmes for Ethnographic Recovery
Green Homes Programmes for Reducing Consumption at Home
Programmes of Agenda 21
Activities for Leisure and Free Time
Programme for Activities Continued for Classrooms of Nature
Sustainable Events

Projects for Rural Development

We offer:

Projects for the Tourist Management of the Natural and Rural Heritage
Support and Advice to Managerial Rural Initiatives Related to Tourism of Nature, Heritage and Free Time

Turismo de naturaleza

Some of Our Programmes and Projects

Ethnographic Recovery Programs

Keep what we have. Share what we have. Take care of what we will get. This programme is born of the need to arouse interest, the desire to participate and re-engage our older people in the everyday lives of their villages. We have understood the need to give them the opportunity to teach us their knowledge, to enjoy sharing their experiences, to be involved in a programme in which the final result is that their children, grandchildren and their neighbours learn of the traditional customs and become aware of why they are as they are in this present time.

In Rústica we have designed an ethnographic recovery program tailored to your area, giving elders the chance to be strenuous protagonists. They will help us to know the popular culture, by transmitting us their traditions and memories.

Proyectos de recuperación de zonas rurales

Traditional Orchards Recovery Projects

Besides culture, it is very important today to learn ancient crafts that marked a certain way of life. With the recovery of traditional orchards people are becoming aware of biodiversity preservation, recovering traditions and achieving generational exchange, while training is given in order to have new business initiatives in rural areas in the future.

Proyecto de eecuperación de huertos tradicionales

Green Homes Program

Green Homes is an educational program aimed at families and associations concerned with the environmental and social impact of their decisions and daily habits. With this initiative we wish to accompany them in the process of change towards a more responsible management of their home. For this reason, we promote self-control of the domestic consumption of water and energy by introducing saving and behavior measures, and helping to do a more ethical and ecological purchase.

Sustainable Events

The realization of an event involves an ecological footprint, an impact on the environment produced by both the consumption of natural resources, waste generation and emissions of gases that causes climate changes. The main objective of a sustainable event is to minimize the negative impacts, reducing to a maximum the ecological footprint and taking advantage of the opportunities that can contribute to the local environment in which it takes place and to also raise and increase the conscience of responsibility.

Rústica will conduct an audit of your event, designing a manual in which its aim will be to promote that all agents involved in its implementation, contribute to minimize the impact by conducting efficient and sustainable management. Once we have detected deficiencies and designed the program of action, we will help you to implement the appropriate measures in the realization of your event.

Autocontrol en el consumo doméstico de agua