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In Rústica we work with rural lodgings from each region. We offer them our services in environmental interpretation and birdwatching and we provide them with the information on the avifauna present in each territory. Some of these accommodations are part of a project that develops ornithological tourism in Castile and León named TRINO (rural tourism of interior and ornithology). TRINO has financed the training of the managers of these establishments and also of local ecotourism informants, specialized in ornithology.

Talleres de Ornitología

We have designed birdwatching tours, ornithological courses and workshops, vying for such a necessary rural development and co-working with rural establishments. Our walks always primes the respect for nature, giving priority to birds tranquility. We work with limited groups and good optical material avoiding areas of particular vulnerability at certain times of year.

In addition to walks, we offer the possibility of taking customers to other points of interest within the region or any point of the peninsula for bird watching of emblematic birds or for visiting places of high ornithological interest such as La Nava and Villafáfila (Castile and Leon) or Santoña (Cantabria) Doñana National Park (Andalucía) or Pyrenees (in other parts of the peninsula).
At the end of the section we present the rates of our workshops and courses.

Paseos Ornitológicos en la provincia de Burgos

What we offer

Our walks

At Rústica, we are qualified specialists with extensive experience in the field of ornithology. Nowadays, people are increasingly more interested in bird watching. This is common in countries as Germany or the UK. Countries with major number of members to ornithological associations, where people travel around the world for BIRDWATCHING. At Rústica, we have designed tours for birding in the most representative Spanish habitats. Our tours are simple and suitable for all ages, so you can easily enjoy the bird life of the province.

Desplazamos nuestros talleres de ornitología

We offer custom tours, for those who want to enter the world of ornithology and also for extreme birders who seeks specific species, or for those who just want to enjoy a different day. It is possible to combine with other ornithological and interpretive walks, where, apart from birds, you will enjoy botany, cultural and ethnographic heritage of some of the most spectacular corners of our province. If you are interested, check out our section of interpretive walks.

Los talleres de ornitología son combinables con otros talleres

Courses and Workshops

We have designed educational activities for formal education (tailored to the school curriculum), and as other environmental information in which sensitive public who wish to deepen their knowledge (associations, town halls etc). Or that want to enjoy a different and innovative activity (familiar tourism).

For every course or workshop we are responsible for bringing all necessary materials, and moving them to the place where activities are scheduled.


Workshop “Building Nest Boxes”
Workshop “Collection and Examination of Raptor Pellets”
Workshops “Ornithology “(Primary Education)
Workshops “Ornithology” (Secondary Education)
Ornithology workshops for Universities


Course “ Introduction to Ornithology”
Identification of Prey Birds Course
Advanced Ornithology Course
Course “Ecology of Forest Birds”


Our rates


Rústica primes the quality of our services and the respect for nature so our walks are designed for small groups up to 8 people. From 9 you can send a form and we will send you a proposal tailored to your needs. Our tours are designed for all audiences; however, if you bring a baby or have some disability, please let us know, because if the ride has complicated access sections we will have to adapt the visit. Individual rates are the following:

Environmental walks

Walk rates include guide, telescope (to share), field guides and binoculars

2 HOURS: 15€ per person.CHILDREN: 10€
25€ per person. CHILDREN: 15€

Interpretive Walks (Nature, cultural heritage and ethnography)

Walk rates include guide, field guides and binoculars

4 HOURS: 25€ per person. CHILDREN: 15€
50€ per person
.CHILDREN: 30€ (with picnic on a break of 45 min.)

Bird Watching Walks

Walk rates include guide, field guides, binoculars and two telescopes (to share)

4 HOURS: 15€ per person.CHILDREN: 10€

4 HOURS: 25€ per person.CHILDREN: 15€

8 HOURS: 50€ per person. CHILDREN: 30€ (with picnic on a break of 45 min.)


There is a minimum of 4 people in a walk. More than 8 people is considered a group. With groups, transportation is not provided and the price will be adjusted to the requirements of each booking. Children are classed as being under 12 years of age.