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What is Rústica

We are a cultural and environmental services company, specializing in ornithological tourism and environmental interpretation.
We are committed to sustainable development and believe in quality tourism based on natural and cultural heritage as an agent of promotion. At Rústica, we think that this type of tourism reverberates in the maintenance of our rural areas with the generation of employment and an economic sustainable growth. We guarantee a qualified service, giving highest priority to our own training and the ability to interpret and educate.

Eva Juarros y Diego Santamaría: Rústica

Why Rústica?

We have chosen this name for ourselves as it incorporates two of the fundamental elements of our project: the development and the sustainability of the rural world, and the observation of birds. The swallow is the most representative bird of the rural world; Hirundo rustica is its scientific name. This coupled meaning led us to choose Rústica for the name of our company.

Rustica es naturaleza

About Us

Rústica was founded by Diego Santamaría and Eva Juarros, two nature lovers with many hours of fieldwork, especially dedicated to birds. For many years we have been members of many diverse environmental associations participating in various volunteer activities related to this field, which include bird censuses, banding, and other environmental studies.

Rustica impartiendo un curso de botánica de humedales

What started out as a simple hobby was gradually becoming a way of life. This stimulated us to complete our studies in Management and Business Administration of tourism companies, and activities with interpretation and environmental education. With Rústica we want to help educate people and preserve the enormous natural and cultural potential of our land. Another of our commitments is the enhancement of the rich cultural heritage and rural ethnographic, through interpretive walks and development programmes. We currently reside in Olmos de Atapuerca (Burgos) and we mainly operate in Burgos province. In the field of ornithology we have the possibility of moving to other points of the peninsula.

Rustica pone en valor nuestro patrimonio

We Work with Ethical Banking

In Rústica we choose ethical banking because it has compatible social, environmental and economical benefits. Triodos Bank allows us to fund productive economical, sustainable, ecological and social projects with transparency. We believe in an alternative model of finance at the service of people, which promotes their social function.