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What We Offer

The scope of work in which we do and how we operate can be separated into three areas.

Environmental Education

It is one of the basic propositions of our company. It is essential that in this society everyone, from the earliest of ages right up to adulthood, is aware of our environment. Respect for the environment and making contact with the ground can be acquired in a very interactive and fun way through various activities.

Educación Ambiental

Sustainable Rural Development

The rural world is becoming extinct. Scores of villages are abandoned every day; this also means the losing of our traditions. One of the principal aims of Rústica is to recover our rural traditions, learn from the elders to be more self-sufficient and to preserve our cultural legacy and the rural character of our villages.

Environmental and Cultural Heritage Interpretation of Rural Areas

We achieve this through our walks. For Rústica a walk means the contact between the person and the environment; we choose special places to visit in order that anyone who visits feels the essence of tradition. In every walk we enjoy culture, heritage and nature, assuring that the emotions that are experienced are to endure forever in our memory.

Patrimonio histórico

Who We Address

Environmental Education

Our environmental education activities are designed to suit all ages and every school curriculum, from kindergarten, primary, secondary or vocational schools to universities. Any association, local authority, rural housing or group of friends can request our services. In order to contract our services you can tell us what you require in the contact us section, and we will make a quote tailored to your needs.

Respeto por el medio

Rural Development

Our rural development programs are aimed at those local entities wishing to implement development projects. Partnerships for rural sustainability and emerging companies and cooperatives can also apply for our services. Rural accommodations and restaurants that have a piece of land and want to start a small orchard for the enjoyment of their customers or for using its own products in their kitchens, can contact us. Send us a form from the contact us section.

Interpretive Walks

Our walks have been designed for the general public, whether it’s for promotion and sale through travel agencies or directly from the rural housing. Also they are indicated for the cultural or environmental associations that they want to organise trips. We have transportation for 8 persons maximum; it is a free service that we provide to our clients for their displacement during the walks. For large groups we offer the possibility of contracting only the guide this one will move with them by bus or he will accord a meeting point to realize the activity. The indicative rates are in the corresponding section. For packages and groups submit a form from the contact us section.

Paisaje natural y medioambiente